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#8 What is dream gaol for goal for youtube? | UFG Joins Rocket League | UFGCAST


This week on UFGCAST, Bobb and LateFilms take dream goals for yt, Unforgotten Esports joins Rocket League scene 





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Welcome back to you have decast. I'm late films and I'm Keiths, A K A bob. So let's get right into the topics. So what are your biggest or well, what are your dream goals on Youtube, and have you accomplished them yet? Um, so, I have a couple of like youtube goals, and one of them already to accomplish, because to get a video to one hundred views, like I got that several years ago and I'm glad for that. Like that, like you got like quadruple the that amount, rye. I love videos are over a hundred views and wash I'm really grateful for but the other one that I have got on was to get a hundred thousand subscribers on Youtube. That's like my my dream goal at some point to get that amount. That's like myself getting and the sticking there. Yeah, I get more than adn't. That's as the plus. So I mean like well, actually myself, as my you, Chnel, I see myself getting like a hundred thousand sobscribers. I could see that. I could see you get in here. It'll take some working dedication, but yeah, that's like the dream goal of my like the end goal what on your personal channel? Right, yeah, my parents functional keys a k Bob, that channel. Know, yeah, the clarify. He's not talking about that. So I feel like, I feel like with the goals we have set right now for you, have g that's going to be hit soon, because I gave access to one of our channels, to one of our creators or one of our okay, I'm not saying you could later. Actually, I'll say at the end of this my goals have been hit. I'm going to say that. Okay. Well, are they mine? I'm going to say I'M gonna have you get I was getting there. I was getting there. Mine were too find been hit, but they were too mine was a start a group channel, and I have a officially accomplished at. Okay, I was to start a group channel. I could say I've I've accomplished that. Can you say that? Okay? Well, yeah, yeah, okay, because not not even that. I could say actually have two group channels on Youtube and they're under the same group. So I can say yeah, still, because I thought I knew as he is when I saw you, because I'm gonna say this. When I first started youtube, right, I started by myself, but I knew there was a lot of channels. Back in the day they were starting to do like groups, and that was something I wanted to accomplish. He finally did it. Yes, because I because I'm like back in the day, I can tell you this. Doing Youtube right by yourself was very well doable. But then towards like time frame that I joined, I saw that you started and need a group be kind of funnier. Yeah, traction, work with people, you know. HMM. It was a it was like a weird time frame when I joined. That's where I got the goal from. I'm just saying that was my goal. The really started group channel. It's like I seriously and I want to see where I take that too as a goal. I think it like once you complete the goal, it's like, I think, an interesting you it comes after that. But what makes of it afterward? knows. I could say the other goals to get a few thousand on videos, and guess what? I done that like three to four times now on YouTube. Yeah, still don't get how...

...certain videos make it but others don't. I'm questioning that. I have I have problems with the Algorith of them. Yeah, some of our videos make it like thirty four thousand views and then most of them sit at like five when that unliking, unforgtonen studios channels and unforgottenly. Okay, I was a esports. Those vids get views actually, for in our main channels would have. I don't know why I'm surprised. We build a youtube brand. Yeah, like we have a whole channeled. It's kind of like the way the levels of success channel has. Yeah, body personal channel. HMM. Some of his videos make it very well for his size and the others are like you shouldn't be making the content. Yes, I don't GE fail. They flop. When you do your mind plux videos, they give using comments. Don't ask me what they do. I I mean I know. You know why they give you. I know the toxic community over difference, sort of like God. Yeah, so basically kind of upload that type of video. People are going to watch that. Literally, mind plex being sees a God. It scares me. Yeah, just scary things. Well, could I. I'm not, like, you're not trying too, you're not big and I'm not trying to hide on like this great play, like I shuck, like I say my view, like I'm not how good player, but they finck here. I think I'm good where. Your time as a hets made it that way. Yeah, it had to be. Yeah, all had to be. That is what made it that way. Don't, don't, don't, don't, don't tell me otherwise. It's not like moon joy, a paintball clan, did help me a lot, like you. That actually was the reason why, and I wandered know why they look at me sometimes over there. Yeah, it's my quick I don't know. I yeah, I can go on that platform, I don't care to this day, right, and find my skin being used. Yeah, scary, yeah, freaky. Yeah, people, back in the early days of mine plus, before it was really really popular, right, hmm, I made a skin. It was it was a shirt, a long steam shirt, I'm going to say for people who don't know who this it was a superman shirt, but I instead of an acid at sea, for we're right. And on the back is the creeper, right, like a creeper like face on it and then headphones on. And Swear to God, I've seen that like over a hundred times on different accounts, that exact skin that I made, that aspect a long time like go my God, got you old. Yeah, not to say I don't get it, but yeah, are. But Anyway, yeah, we have goal. Our goals. I think I've been hit. Some of them we're for. I'm working on new ones. Those will be for a later episode of this podcast to talk about. But with that being said, this is a we have one major thing to tell our, I would say, fans here, if you're listening. Over the last week there has been so much done with our group that you will, you will, you will legit look at us like we're nuts before we've gone through in change.

I think this will be the biggest change you've ever done in on this group or our team. Since we started in two thousand and nineteen. We have got rid of few teams, brought back something we disbandoned last year and brought in a new team to our want to tell them what team, what teams you got rid of? Oh, I one of them was war zone, I believe. And yes, we got rid of war zone. Will the other one go? Or counter strike, global offense? Oh Yeah, those two. Those were not working well for US whatsoever. Yeah, they in a long run. They were not doing really that much help us and though we have our discord, didn't really call it whatsoever even in our own like sections in the discord. But we have sections for all these. But we split our teams. Okay, we split our discord from community to our teams, to like their games that they play. Yep, and then and then team channels that everyone communicates in, and then staff channels. Yeah, so there it's not talking in their own so dead at. Me and Bob agreed that they were to go. Yep, we ever did them without it, like Ottus say. Me and Bob agree like right down in there that they needed to be like just gone. Never see them again, never talk about those games again. We I don't. I play, see us go here and there. I've never touched a competitive side war zone. I just don't understand how you hell you do competitive in war zone and I don't play it. So plaus it doesn't goodbye. But there's one game we did mention we would never make a team in in the past and I think, I think we've gone over that right. Yeah, we went over. We say we're willing, won't. We just won't, but we've bentually. Did we change your mind on it? Yep, so, if you know the game of our C cars and sock her and you know we made a rocket league team. Yeah, we made a rocket league team and we said we wouldn't in the past. Me and by are, me and Bob both of Reed that we don't understand. Don't get the game. Like I can't. I could tell you this right now. I don't get where. Like how the Hell do you navigate in that game? How to how do you hit a ball? Yeah, let's like if I to play that up, I'm really very frustrating. Gets missing the ball all the time. Do we get to go right over me? Like, I'm going to say this straight up, to say that it is one thing with them there are a whole different level rocky league players. They are. They just stuff I see is kind of insane, like it think, kind of difficult to do from someone that has not played the game. Yeah, there's a there's a video I saw years ago, right, we're not years ago, like about a year ago during woman covid first started. Basically there was a person on Youtube break who are viral twelve hours are dribbling a ball straight given the boy in the air of out touching the ground for twelve hours a damn I my hand would be cramping and hurting a file an hour in. Yeah, be, like, how the hell? Like, yeah, and then and the guy ends up getting...

...a Guinness World recordfore that. M Yeah, good job on him for doing that, but I probably would never even attempt that if I did. Know. I played the game once, right, I'm going to tell you this straight up. Played at once. One round nail knock the ball right into tripoint, PUTTING CONA stand. The controls just put the game after run round and uninstalled it. It was just the end of being never had understandable, understandable. Yeah, I was just it was like it was like a major regret for ever touching that game. Anyway. Alongside that, alongside all of that, if you remember correctly, last year and made two thousand and twenty, we had in the something called the unforgotten academy. Yeah, well, that is back. We abandoned it. We abandoned it last year and round one ended and said we might never do it again. I decided to bring it back since it actually was doing pretty well and we had it. Let's hope round two of the academy goes well. Basically bringing totally does work out this guy around. It worked last time. I just abandoned it because it was like we did our last challenge. Get A hmm. We sign people with that challenge. You don't know what we're talking about, go to the unforgonten Studios Youtube Channel and you'll see the video on that. Okay, but if you are cheerious on it, yeah, there's we made a montage about what we were looking for and from what I am from, I remember everyone who watched it told me was amazing that video at montage. But what it? What the academy is, if you don't know when an academy team is inside esports, it's a team where you're you're contracted to like a team, but you're not on their main roster, like you're. You're dare to learn basically INS and outs of esports from the main team. Basically. So, like other teams, I've given it. Like other teams, I've given a different names. I just took what they're called and just put unforgotten in front of the academy. I just blameing. Could not be worth the try of the creating a new name form for yeah, okay, so I just left the academy part and just took on for gone, like I do of everything these days. Hey, it's working for us. You at work. It's a cool school branding name, but we have like you have unfregone studios, which is the meeting, which is a media company that owns. I'm okay, it's sad to say. It's so hard to explain our company all. Look, it's like a web of this, kind of like a web of companies but forgotten, linked together. It's like the metaverse, kind of the company Meta metaverse. Okay, they on facebook, instagram and leg what is it? occulist or whatever the how they G poculars? Yet occos rift. So unforgotten studios is the company that's registered underneath that. Well, they're technically we call them companies, but they're really not. Their divisions really we do. Okay, I so underneath unfregone studios we decided, me and Bob, to remove esports from unfregone studios directly. So we created a name called UNFREGONEN...

...esports, where the name we're an over esports. Now why? And Underneath UNFOREGONE ESPORTS is the academy. So technically unfregone studios as a parent company, but they're what we don't call them companies, we call them divisions because they're not exactly registered their own, their own and managed by the same people who run unfogone studios. So it's hard to explain the parent division. Yeah, it's rich, it's it's our way of like splitting the group down so we know better and can brand and brand certain things better, because if we just kept it us up forgotten studios, you would probably think to US eventually media company, never to esports side of things whatsoever, because I don't think I've ever seen an esports team with studio in the name, and me and Bob are both not on the same page of watching the esports stuff. Yeah, yeah, I still don't know how our name even came I became a name on forgot studios, but it works for us, and once in a while you might hear the names referred to as a you of gee whatever you know, instead of one forgone, our logo is the JUFG. We got rid of that, you fe that geft abbreviation. Yeah, we finally thank God someone gave us that abbreviation or to day. That helped me out so much I'm glad for that because I did not like what we had as a logo before that. It was too cluttered in a small image. HMM. Now we have people tell me it's amazing. But so we brought the academy back. There will be to explain that better now the academy, basically the academy will be running challenges for people to join us. You'll get a contract, but you won't be like official on the team, meaning you can learn and work your way up to being on the full team and getting a better contract or you can get where do you just learn? Learn them in the academy ends or your time or your contracts up. You move on to your next team, wherever that may be. Basically the academy you you can move on challenges throughout the year, like graphic design challenges, video editing challenges, maybe challenges for someone to do something in like a specific game. Over does it the best gets contracting. There's going to be a lot of cool challenges for out the year and contracts and and contracts be signed for that. Like most, most of the time, most teams who do have an academy team make it like a youth make it like a youth team over, but we're doing it different. We're being we're going to work for we know and understand. I'm going to say we're not the biggest, like knowledge people when it comes to the esports whatsoever. Yeah, wait, we're not. I could probably name you none. I could probably name a sports pros, but and and teams along that, which might make me feel like I am but I'm not. I know, I know teams and what they play and players on them and creators, but behind the scene stuff is still very new to me, and I mean very new. Like you think you know esports. You don't...

...until you're behind the scenes running at all. Yeah, it's like, Oh, I can make this thing. You start making it, like, Oh shit, this is a Um Bob. A full year to gain traction on our group learning. Yeah, kind of tells how didn't like difficult is when you're actually doing it. And I going to say two years now we have traction, two years and we learned and we're using our knowledge from our old groups to on this. Yeah, we're using old knowledge to and new knowledge. Like we have someone. You have someone leading the RL team, we have someone leading the apex teams. Are People who know the Games better than we do who are running them. And, with that being said, me and Bob are, me and Bob were, better at content than anything. Yeah, but we drive at let the other people deal with the game. You know the prop you're not making content, I tell you. I'll tell you that right now. This is all we're doing our you're doing your Friday thing in this and that's about it, because me and Bob are still working on content, like a content team. We want to make a full roster. Still that will blow basically take over the main channel. Yeah, Bab what what late fons meant that we're gonna go to a point where I don't have to make content, where I can sit back and relax drink. Okay, will give her a will give her example. For the third week in a row, here we look like we said. We look up the bigger groups technically, and the group were we and the group we both watch. I think we both watch it. It's called the boys. You watching once in a while. Same here, same here, because they don't upload as much anymore any wise, or they do uploading to see. Its like repetitive content after time. Well, we wantn't we want something like channel, the boys for quoting them again. Okay, technically we want we want. Bob Is still upload his what's in store on UNFOGTON studios channel, but we don't want that to be the only content uploaded on there. Right. Yeah, like a month, month and a half ago, Bob came to me saying that it was just repetitive the seeing his face only thing uploaded on there. Yeah, because I think you'll be interesting to see other Oh my God, what all your like this now what it might I like? screeched. Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean that. I didn't know what happened. God Damn. How was it okay for anyone listening? Sorry for your drums being blown out. I'm so sorry. I don't know what cause that. Know what happened. Neither do I, but anyway. So our goal here is to get three to four people still if you record together video games and uploaded on I fogotte studios channel. Hey, go over content for us on there. Wow, I can't. I can't physically make content anymore. Well, I can, but it would be too much for me. Like I I have, like I barely have time to do this podcast. I manage way too much now on my end. It's not suitable. Little if you guys, I I'm going to say this now. If anyone who watches US has the idea to make a group, make sure you have time for right.

I did not realize it would be this hard. It's like back in the day the groups I ran, they just went and the flow does happened on them. whenning such different where you have to keep no, this play, like this actually grew and change like I didn't expect have any pack team. I never expected to have an ARLD. I expect this to be another project that we would try and and then in like a like a month and a half, it would just be like, screw this, it's over, it doesn't work anymore and we're back to square one of trying a new name getting we pushed, me and Bob Push through through and I'm going to say our first year of running this group. Right, I'm gonna say we started it technically in two thousand and nineteen, but that was towards the ends, so I don't really count that. You count it, it's like it get sits like that's when it started. It doesn't that belly count now. It was like I was when it like actually started. So, that being said, then two thousand and twenty came around. I can't, I can't fault us not growing them because of the whole covid like nonsense, you know. Yeah, it's no one's fault for that. Well, twenty, but two thousand and twenty was going well for also guy or will the end of it started going well for us. And in the two thousand and twenty one, okay, and because our ston't get how, but it's actually going very well for us and in the two thousand and twenty two now we are actually still gaining fans, following and I don't know why. Don't know anyone watches US listen to our teams, but I feel like that's every like cut youtube in content career, like why do you watch me? That's that's what everyone asked. Yeah, but there are some that are reasonable that ask on that. Okay, yeah, but, like I said, it's just more work to run a group like we're running. You're running a friend group like that's like, say, a channel for you and your friends upload to go for but running a company like us, me and Bob's business people were not whatsoever. We are in a we have no like profession in business at all. We probably only took, take it, like, a couple business classes, and I doubt they even count as business classes. You know, baby like the they're the basics of business. I don't make our high school required us to take a class called, what was it? Cool Freshman seminartionship, Cashman, Sami our. Yes, from the name it doesn't sound like a business class, but when you actually take it, it is actually a business clash. That was click bait on that. I saw something else. But I want to college. I to take off thing called college success. Some yeah, college access, I'm not. Yeah, that's another name that doesn't make sense. I've Arntet the year after, I think, to like the second year. Yeah, well, I for my yet. Well, you want to know something? That's another close by class, because I thought that was something to teach me ways to grow in college. Now it was more a way to like business again. Yeah, they quick bait you into doing business sense. It's like, well, I'm stuck here for a semester. Well, you know what, that's the requirement class. Like you, you have that or you can graduate. Yeah, I I mean you're kind of forced to do it, but anyway, yeah, me. And so we're still looking technically for content creators. Three of the three to four, hopefully funny content...

...creators who can make funny gaming videos for us. The applications for that are still open. You just need to you just need to join our discord and talk to us about it. And with that being said, thanks for rocking. You have a cast and we will catch you next time. I'M.

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