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#8 How should copyright work on youtube? | UFG Esports first event | UFGCAST


This week on UFGCAST, Bobb and LateFilms tlake Copyright for yt, Unforgotten Esports first virtual event.





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Welcome back to the greatest show on the Internet. Wait, I mean welcome back to you. Have G cast. I'm lead films. You Know Chi Shaka Bob. So let's get right into the topics. Man, I fucked up. What the hell that? I Fuck y'O, that mess up, a fuck up, like I said, yeah, whatever, it's you live and learn. Anyway, we're going to be talking about some interesting topic today, copyright issues on the Internet and how we think they could be resolved. I'm pretty sure everyone has got with some copyer issues. If you're you two you give sure or stringer. You've dont with it. We podcasters to. Yeah, there's a there's a lot when it comes to copyright. That he's bullshit. You got people false claims, you got massive record label's just copywriting you for no goddamn reason. Yep, knowing, Yep, years ago Bob used to get his star wars videos copyrighted by Disney. Those are some good time shift funy. Now I was like around the exact kind of star wars was bought by Disney. The franchise was bought. YEA, so that was great because it was it was kind of confusing copyrights. They're is because one of those things where it's like like the older films they're fine with a newer film that can't. It's just it's kind of bullshit. Yeah, actually, but it was funny because one one of your videos said it was copyrighted by Lucas films on behalf of Disney. Yeah, like, Oh shit then, but then underneath it it had Disney copywriting and then just regular Lucas films copyright. So it had three different copyrights that should not make sense to each other. Look like I'm like, who shit, it's that's not good. And I didn't understand that one. Okay, because it had it had one on behalf of Disney. Okay, regular Lucas Films, and then does Disney itself copywriting. They go all three camp at the on that video. That feels like year ago. That was like one of your first like star wars videos to yeah, I didn't know and now I know. I know how to go around it. Yeah, anyway, so we're going to explain why we're talking about this. Bob, want to bring up what you brought up in your own show. Yes, so if you didn't watch my latest what some store episode, there's any false copyright abuse by quantum TV who falsely copyrighted another youth are called act man, who made a video on like elden rings and like a hot takes, and I guess in his video he talked a quantum TV and used his clips from his video, which quantum TV didn't like that. It was fair. He was very use but he falsey cop right now, I did. He Falsely Copyright Act Man like revealed that quantum TV's copyright claim was missing information, like the actual video title and like the time stamp. That was like he was copywriting, except was like missing, which is against the law. By the way, we learn. I learned from that that I didn't notice once he caught fort a video, you tee, was no longer involved. Give they have no derestiction there. Non Involved is up to ever state and country living that is copyright claim it, as you know,...

...a law. Then it's up to the court to deals it. Yeah, that's a new one on me. Yeah, I forget what law rapportedly with broken. I think it was like you gotta drop it. Didn't again trouble for I don't think so. Yet, like listening that he's going to get in trouble, for it is what people are saying. It's gonna get in trouble. Like what I mean? I don't know. You're going to get like they go the court for this, or you might get a hefty fine for false copy. Oh Yeah, command a criminal offense of perjury. The Quantum TV to make perjury. Yeah, well, we'll see that. Like don't I don't know how you do workut to copyright stuff on be I don't know how that works. It says like when you're up listening to Youtube, that's up to everyone to see that as your you're basically giving your opinion out to the public. There's still care too. There are two licenses, licenses you can put on your video. Okay, yeah, I don't think a lot of you tippers even notice. If you go into like a certain area on Youtube when you put your video up, you could choose like creative calm license or youtube standard license. Youtube Standard License says you can't copy take the video, but creative comes as you could use it, fair use kind of thing, you know. Yeah, but I don't think most you tubers you would have copyright for their own channel. So it's stilling my eyes. You know, bullshit. I think most I mean those keepers on the platform are not quote unquote legal business, if you get my point. And now I'm pretty sure like nine saying the youtubers on Youtube, aren't they? They all know that copyright laws and stuff like that. You got kids doing it that don't understand anything. You're do the most like dumb ass adults on the platform who seemed like they I feel like they might be smarter, but they they put on like Gayum Act for Youtube video sometimes. HMM, like if someone like, if someone came to took one of our videos, they would get a copyright. That be fair you. That would be a fair, real one, because it you on behalf of aforegone studios. Yeah, and I feel like even like my like young Scott studios videos in like my videos, because you're really still have forgone studios, because you're part of them network. You've been like in my view that I sometimes you'd like songs from Epidemic Studios. That or standing. You can sound, yeah, a sound, yeah, sounds, which Weing like affectual license for that, which you, my channel has and you're under you J has. Well, we pay for unfregotten studios. Pays for that to allow any of our channels to use that. Yeah, so if someone else worth to use my video and song with play, it would be so fucked. Yes, pfinitely not even that. If someone took one of your videos, and they did, they would get it, would get copy from music, but they would also have our copper, because I'm following in that. Yeah, I mean, well, we had re upload my video. That kind of you can't just do that. Yeah, well, you're protected under omogon studios. So, yeah, but you did good thing. Yeah, but anyway, your own your own company, would end up copywriting someone for you, maybe on behalf you, it be on behalf of them. Forgotten. Got It, m like we yeah, so, we, we know we don't copyright stuff. Over the years we've gotten some that we did. There was one time to Bob got one. You lost it for like a day or two and then got it back the same copywriting. Yeah, I don't remember what the video was, but...

...there. But that one was so broken. Look, I have video that we're capre claimed by other companies and they're basically like privated, like I couldn't public, like making public, but I remember that on channel, basically strike your whole channel, and remember looking back on the channel. I remember it. I saw like some of the figures that are copyright like you're back up again, like really, they're up again. When that happened? Yeah, and then they're no, but there was, but there was one that you got a few months ago and it just like it just like, I don't get this. Why would you coypart of video then were moving for a day or two and then put it back? My assumption that they probably realize that this is fair use and put it back up. That's what I'm assuming. Like that's some connect companies like Oh, they get us our video, block it and it's like, oh wait, it's very youth. Yeah, you got that guy. Yeah, but you got to copyright right, you lost it, then got to Copyer it again and they just fully removed in and you had access to it, which doesn't make sense. Why? Honestly, that's that's the most dumb thing ever. Okay, happens. It happens a lot to loe YouTube RS, but it's so but it's so strange I couldn't I don't know. I know some companies have like their copyrights right thrown into the youtube lay bought that checks he gave me and say like you've got the algorithm doing it, or is it like, I don't know know, or some company? Say, no, they actually have someone who sits there searching all day long using the Youtube Bot. Got It. Yes, I think like Warner Brothers does that. Yeah, they have a D actually. No, yeah, Warner Brothers has a division where you can come for copyright. You can actually get a job doing that all day. Yeah, it's like a pop or youtube very sing if they or any you could sertually. You could search your song and Youtube's bought. Will basically look for it. I could not sit there all day on Youtube doing that. I we get bored. Yeah, I guess if you're every kind of tedious, because, like all really can get falsely cop right every video that has like coming from their property on it, or it's like a legit. Well, they're legit beans. Warner Music Group, okay, the music vision, okay, it's called Warner Music Group, which is still technically warner brothers. They have so many groups their home media company. Okay, what are you so button? But it's so Um. Okay, like, I don't like copyright whatever. What's so much? You can kind of hinder his creativity, you know, like yeah, but that's why you do. That's why there's companies out there trying to make you pay for music. Help you out. Yeah, I mean without cop right they want, businesses would go out. Business that provides like like non copyright music. Well, most yeah, like music that epiced, having sound make right, is actual real music. A license it too. Content creators, it's and actually, I'm realizing, and but their music too. If we stopped paying for a license, we're good for any video we had uploaded because it was cleared for you their system. Okay, that's good. Unlike, only unlike, and sees a lot of a lot of artists on there actually have left ncs and taking the copyright with them. Yeah, it's. And then videos got copyright because it's some I seen some of bobs that are ncs songs get flagged for, but I'm not too worried about that. I mean, I I don't know played that they're there's no point in worrying. Yeah, I'm not messially like a scare that to be all be taken down, you know, but if it was like it was like a...

...major, major group, yeah, I would be pretty scared because, like remember this, ncs started as a Youtube Music Group make music free and copyright free. But it's not all copyright Freddy. It's stupid. Okay, like some of the songs in NCS are copyright like the ones that are have lyrics in it. Yeah, are copyrighted, which is dumb, like what your channel called non copyrighted music. That's what NCS stands for, Non Copyrighted. Nay or not coperated sound, but you you know. But it's stupid, right, you cause like I think, like with the mouth poper song, which is faded, like if you the vocals, I think that it's copyright but you don't use the vocals. Yeah, you don't. You don't get it, you don't get it done. Yeah, you're UNC yes, but if you down with the Viga from encys and use it, you won't get it of use like the lyric, and no, will Alan Walker's add a version of it. Yeah, yeah, you'd down Walker version of it and you will that it's soap. I don't know how. I only know how the Youtube Algorithm the texts that like. I don't know. It's so best. Both still has the same music. So you would think that the the gift the music, which still the top right, but no, like I don't know how that works. Was Youtube Algorithm? The box? Yeah, is it one body of multiple box you each company after get a bought? You know any of that? I don't s if you tobe ever revealed they don't. They have never revealed that. Okay, he you giver to talked about how a copper e system works, but they've but I feel like they've left major like details out. So I know. I think it was on the Jake or Logan Pole, whoever, whoever has the impulsive podcast, Logan Paul, I think it was him. They were talking about copyright on their once on that podcast with another youtuber talking about how he had so many videos coppylated that he wasn't making money anymore out of nowhere. HMM, yeah, it's kind of a reality. To youtuber had permission to use a song, right, he was using in his intro and outro video. Okay, part of the video, I guess. The artist a permission, but God and signed with a record label and all of his music got copywriting by that record label because they started claiming the entire yeah, it was one of those situations. Yeah, that's but just really use a song and make it fixed right. The Guy got fixed by his youtube manager getting okay, Youtube manager was able to help him at he figured out when the artist got signed right, figured out in the copyrights claim, started figure out what video shouldn't be copyrighted, okay, and what which ones can get copyrighted. Then he was able to make his money again. Okay, but all of his videos basically got copyrighted. Yeah, that's that's just off of Youtube. Now you get copywriting. You're making zero sense. You're poor. As a big Youtuber, then that is sad. Okay, yeah, I think you we can have happen before and other other youtubers now. Yeah, it was on. It was on. Yeah, I couldn't imagine being but anyway, before we run out...

...of time, here we have a solution. We think that would fix copyright claims so much easier. Okay, and I'll explain it and then Baka put any input he has on it. He did it all late. Film's idea, since I mentioned hier, we have two licenses on Youtube. One of the licenses should force you to put copyright information in if you use it and if you don't do that, and it's free to use. You know, if you get my point. Yeah, you should put in either your Channel Name Your company name. They know Stair's. I know there's some youtubers who have a channel name that's different from their actual company name that they're a partner with. So you did so you should be forced to put all the information in and then if someone uses your video or a part of your video, the Youtube Bot thing that people have mentioned in the past, should just auto check their database and see, oh, that video has a copyright information linked a fit flag this guy's veal for using it. You know. HMM, something like that should be done on the platform to help some youtubers out. That way you physically can't get caught that we don't go file the copyright and then you'll fall that problems. You know, you should be forced to register a copyright for your channel and then paste it in your videos. Put it on your channel or paste it in in each time the upload. You know. Yeah, what do you think on that? I think, like I can problem with it by some. For most part it could work. You like you just be like US clearing our video bait, you know, like doing what we do on like epidemic sound. We put it in it, puts it puts information and saying don't compret this video, you know. Yeah, so it would just be our way of saying, you know, it's like for I think we're clearance for audiences, for audience like like you know, and get a copy writing feed us the label the artist in the video. Imagine that, but instead with video like it's your name, your company, wherever your channel, your channel name or your or your company's name, like on Bob's channel, it would it wouldn't say keep it ky, bobby would say I'm for Gone Studios. For Him. You know, yes, I'm friend of studios. On behalf of it would be like keepakd but like we we would have to look at one of those like videos that has like on behalf of Blah Blah, blah, Blah Blab, like the five hundred different companies that they're on behalf of. Yeah, but it would be what it would be unforgotten studios. On behalf of keeping Hay Bob getting yeah, I feel like I good. Just for it to clear shuff up, just for you, some random person youtube gets to go on a video but like, oh, this is not from this person, it's from this you to okay, makes it clear and it also time stamped the part, like if you clicked the part, you know have a time stamp in the video that's being used to you know which part. Yeah, I think that's the most confusing thing of all, like like what part of the video, because I know for a long time to copy was just like the entire videos, and youtube made like certain time stamps, making time scamp that and you know they are and then they went back to their old ways again. Yeah, they they kind of do both now. It's kind of inconsistent. Yeah, actually, yes, most of the time you get a full like your videos is not making money ever. Again, not enough. Fine by me. We don't make money anyways. They we can get as many copyrights as possiblycause we don't make a penny off of Youtube. I thought that's kind of change very...

...soon. Yeah, maybe, don't make a penny anyway. With that being said, we would like to announce something that we are going to do later this year. One day. How many days it is? Say So, or did I say we're doing it? Well's were doing a couple months. Yes, but I but I officially announced it eighty nine days, one hour and thirty six minutes, as our website says they were courting this podcast. Yes, nine days. Okay, on Saturday July thirty F from zwelve pm to five pm EST, on the you of GE discord, our rocket league team will be teaching like esports in Rocket League. That's great, that's Nice. There to doing that. Let me pull up the information and I'll explain some of it publicly. So the events going to be called UF G. learned from the Pros Blue Camp. Two Thousand and twenty two fifteen people in total. CANNA can join. Five diamond and below players, five champ and below players and then five grand champ players can join. Things you will can learn are mechanics you should focus on within your rank. Okay, how to read your team and the opponents team place, when you take shots versus, when the past proper coms quit, chat and voice chat. You'll can. You'll be playing in private grims giving advice to each player as they fit, tips on how to progress to the next rank and what it's like to be a pro. And then how do you go about joining a pro team, since I know there are a bunch of people out there who know nothing about how to talk to a team or how to find a team to join when they want to move. That being because that there were also be events through out the day with prizes given out, example, Merch and academy contracts. Will be what will be brought up on our social media about that the upcoming time. Let me get clost to the event. So that's what we're doing. That's our event. It's going to be a going to be our biggest of our role, our first event ever. And virtual on. Are you of G discord? So link for there will be a link to it in the podcast description where you can go buy the tickets for it. You do. It's by tickets. That way we're not getting randoms who want to roll us throughout the day. Do we don't want that. You want actual people to like. We will learn when people are stories about actually wanting to learn the ways about esports, Gutty, how to go to talk to a team, how to become a pro or what it's like to be a pro, how to join a pro team. Be Mean, we're an amateur team,...

...but we're we're basically being called pro at this point. I don't know why. I can't answer that. I still question that to this day. I'll probably questions that too. Yeah, I do. I'm like with that switch, but whatever it it's a compliment. Yeah, but if we were a protein, I feel like we'd be on feazes is level. He has sums level or something like that. Not not the one, not like the level we're on. Now you get what I'm saying. Yeah, but, yeah, that's our event. It's going to it's going to be a yearly thing if it goes well. We hope it goes well. So we wanted we wanted to go well. We actually want to teach people. You want to show that anyone could do this. Basically, that's the whole point is event. Learn, learn, and everything. How to play right. Yeah, learn to play, see what it's like playing with pros. Actually talked to a team that plays in Rocky League, and you'll also see everything. Like I said about joining a proteam. Maybe you'll join ours because you might get a contract. You don't know that. Who knows? What? It's something to to advance like the sports community, since our goal our one. OUR MOTTO IS I don't know bottom knows the motto or a team. It's on our website and it's on our websites home page right as you go to a you see it? I don't know. Boby actually nosing, I don't like off the toom my head or a vise starts here. Oh yeah, that one. Yeah, that's our model. We want to we want to take our team and grow it, but differently. You know, me get popular. You different things that you don't see big teams doing. Palk with our fans, play with our fans to ract with them, go to tournaments, you fan meetups eventually, and other things like that. But yeah, that's that. Anyway. Anyway, reminder are at. Our event is on Ju Li thirty I, which is a Saturday, from Zwo PM to five pmest. On the YELG discord. You just gotta have a ticket that you gotta get what you and get on our website will not you can find the link to bind the taken on a website. Don't redirect you. So how much money is it? I'm actually off the paypoint. Okay, here jets clarify. Five dollars. It's not bad. That's not bad for a ticket. That's a great price. But it's limited. But the whole event is limited, the fifteen players only. So be the first to get it. Be the first anyway. But that being said, thanks for watching, you of G cast, and we will catch you next time. I.

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