Season 1, Episode 2 · 1 year ago

The Mineplex Hacker! Why are Epic and Apple still at it?


In this week's episode, we talk about the new Mineplex Hacker Jacob1Jacob2 aka xTurtle ripoff, LateFilms and KeithakaBobb break down all the latest news that poped off over the Epic vs Apple Battle, including our thoughts and what people brought up about it on youtube.


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Today's podcast is sponsored by anchor. If you have not heard about anchor, it's the easiest way to make a podcast. Just let me explain. It's free, as a bunch of cool and helpful creation tools on your phone and computer at your hands. It will also distribute your podcast for you directly to spotify, apple podcast and much more. Also, did you know that anchor has a bunch of waste me money? Anchor has a main waiting money called listener support of no minimum listenership. Also, did you know that anchor has sponsors? I did until recently. Anchor comes with a bunch of cool sponsors that they will set you up with. Also, you can download the free anchor APP or go to anchor DOT FM to day to get started. Welcome to another episode of UF G cast. I'm late films and I'm Kisa a Bob. We are your hosts, so let's gear right into the topics. Yep, everyone, welcome to the first episode. Yep, rebranded for here beer. You have g cast and hope you stick around with us, because we are we talking about stuff that gaming related or just anything in general. Yeah, we feel and you want to talk about Yep, like hacking act yet that's the topic. Acting specifically in video games. We don't hack that that would be legal. If we hack, we wouldn't be here. If we are not rushing hack. NOPE, we're not hacking video games moreacifically. On my plex, which is the minecraft, everything may know of about a dead one, dead server. Yeah, but reason bring us up is because I'm like one of the few people that play on the server and noticing that there's an increase in hackers on my complex and it's quite annoying. And I'm pinpoint to this packer who's been making videos past couple months, who is called Jacob. When Jacob to, he hacks and Super Smash mobs, which is a game that I play, and I've actually ran into him. They watched one of his videos and now was actually, it's you work and it didn't know. Yeah, I was that why you made your video. Um, it's like after I made my video. Well, I got one thing to say, though. What about all like the lobbies? That's even worse. Well, yeah, because in the lobbies of my implex there's this like mini game called gladiators. Were basically fighting like this pit, which is pretty cool, but yeah, it's I'm really fun because most of the Times this hackers hacking in it. It's speed bridge, be bridging kilora reach, stuff like that, lying around, making it so lying around. They actually talked about abut it that they're hacking. Most of the time these days you doing mostly in lobby one, where the mods are, and he admins like why are you doing it here? Like I remember, like about a month ago, me and Bob got two people band simultaneously. Yeah, we did. It was funny, and then this guy came back on the adden was still in the lobby and he got banned again. He could I keep coming back on to they have like not fold thousands of them. Yeah, Cuz was the Youtube I talked about who does hack. He shows where he's all the accounts he has and he's just I what. Does he get them from? Another one? I don't know. Or does he felt really fine. He said he got five thousand accounts for fifty dollars, at least in his video says definitely said. I don't know that's true or not. All of his trying to flex on I'll finally blow like a ego. I'll know and if but...

...a lot of the old stone accounts to yeah, because in Evenus I watched when he's play through smash mobs. I'm another thing that he's able to play kids, where you need to buy some of them because it's only for three kids in the game. I've seen him play like certain mobs that cost like thousand the genising. Don't some of them require challenges to yes, but the one thing he's using, I'm guessing, an accounts that he's using our webbing exactly that were abandoning, given toever website you come from, yes, or stolen, because these hackers can also get accounts that have ranks on. Like I faw a hacker that had a hue ring well, which like holy crap. So I know back in the day, if I'm not mistaking right, counts were compromise due to a was it it? What's his name, talked about it. Oh my God, what was it on our what's his name, who plays on the UM largest and longest living anarchy server, talked about what was it? One day being compromised servers. The scene come up for him. See, yeah, remember he talked to in one of his videos about one day someone came on and basically got everyone's eyepiece and like Pat. Yeah, Oh, yeah, that was years ago when he talked about it recently. But back in the day you didn't need to put an email addressing. You were able to just put your user name in, because I'm remember that when you used to have the user name. Now you gotta put an email addressing for to work, but back in the day you just put someone's username and if you figure out your password, you got into their account. And I was going to say years ago, though I remember. I think it was Sunday got his account. Stone what he got, I think. So he gained access back to what after working with Mojang, but I think it was his modjing account and his twitter account. Yeah, we're both hacked into, because get him back. These people are saying that he was. That's why he changed his name slightly. Yeah, so what I was saying? Yeah, because he was showing up on servers that people wouldn't expect in the play, on little servers. So people thought he was going around like checking them out. Yeah, but but when he comes to hacking know, right now I think my plex has to be the biggest server with that. That doesn't allow it. Yeah, like the server that doesn't allow hacking, is the most people hack on. Yeah, because we had like to bet they allow hacking. But my Plexi, or if you go to high picks, your automatically going to get caught. Oh Yeah, you are. I think there are spies on there or mods and admins can hide like their tags. You can remember, like when you play like bad warriors. I remember, like I used like bad worse. When you press tab really quickly, can feel like the Admin's name very quickly then like disappears. Yeah, the bug. I think that's a bug and like minecraft trying to hide names. How it all works. But I'm just saying with like Lee. They figured out the hacking and how to stop it. Really you still get hack even there runch in a while, but not like used to, because there's a lot of MODs and there's a lot of admins on high pixel which are hidden. Decreases are hidden to decreasee hackers. So when they do hack to get banned, that's not the case. I mind flex they have much smaller step now. They are willing to do that. Yeah, and with and like it's mostly down to the fantas these days of that server who are left to...

...report. Yeah, and mainly sometimes they're not going to get them, like sometimes report them and they don't get banned, and me and Bob have reported a lot recently. Some don't get banned, others do. It's just it's like they get banned and a minute later they come back on on an all the same person on at all and doesn't Mentally Times you banned them, you know, coming back. No, it's time too, because they're using the same hacks, though. No new hacks. It's all the same. But I really can't. I can't play there anymore, really paintball and working yet like people does, because it's not like the obvious Kilura and reach. It's more x Ray. That's the main concern, where you can see through walls and it's very difficult and as a lot of controversy because like the pros who do f five, Yep. So you'll call them out for X raying when they're not, when you answer them. When you F five you see around corners more. But the way your micropharacters looking, that makes it look like their x Raying, like it looks identical, like if you go back to what was it always your run video that I said you should do a paintball episoding with the POV set. To remember remember a run video where you did like Super Smash mobs, but with your like, what is it called in the Pov was different. And you also hear you'll be yeah, and you change. Then you change their movement. I remember I said you should do it, you should do a very high like movement thing. And then what was the other thing called? If the quaite pro quat prone. There's yeah, and I sensitivity. Yeah, and your sensitivity at like of every low one or or high one. Well, when you do quik pro it zooms your screen out into a go funky shape. Yeah, really zooms you out, especially when you have speed on. You look, you have really large amount of few you can see, you can the tire map. Yeah, so I'm saying it's weird how you look by your character but you're not seeing what your characters actually seeing, because when you speed on you have quite progue. You can see the entire map. And paintball it's very useful for that. But grant it's very difficult and I see people use it and it's very powerful to I guess five and paintball is very powerful, eyes, very overpowered. People mistake settings as hacking. Yes, because in Mircraft you can do a lot of stuff with your account. Yeah, I know my fight. You know reach way, optifine, which is allowed on every server. It adds even more features and some setting can actually be brought up even higher than the stock settings. Yeah, so it's very dipble to tell phone is hacking. But most of the time on my implex you couldn't know because they're going to be obviously doing it or they usually talk about it. Yeah, because they're they're stupid. They're stupid because they know they can't. They're not gonna leave the there. Those SK another account, an geting of the conversation. Yeah, it doesn't matter, like the one guy kept calling you out. But it doesn't matter. They don't care because they know that we can't do anything to them. We can get the band, but they never going to go away. And I wish my pucks had already accept me as a staff member, because they would be gone, which I'll never do. You know,...

...never hate me, they never except. I don't know. I don't know how much effort I could put into that application right, but I think I write more and more every time because literally, you never see staff anymore on there. It is like there's like never any staff on. If you find one, it might be lucky at the time I see a builder over mods or admins. Really, when I see a MoD, it's it's in lobby one, but it's only like one, maybe two. Yeah, and they're not listening to you. They only listen to the the with a d, The people you know. Oh yeah, I know you're they they give talk to them because they're their friends. With some I guess, like all the mods on my plex are like even thing, a moth, and I put it like that, older than the regular people on my implex. I think that the oldest players on that server to this day have to be me and you. Yeah, like, well, I'm in mine flex I feel like I'm the old person and every lobby because, like it's just and we're half the time and half the time gue doesn't work anymore that much anymore. HMM. I like the MAC. Back in the day it actually did some shit. Even now it with Gwen, it's like I hit our mess. It thinks like it takes like a game or two the reg shit at the person's happen, because in the youtubers video. Think Jacob and Jacobs to video. That takes them like two games for Gwen sometimes to actually do it. Saying obvious and bands, he's probably using a ghost client. He's using worst. It's like he's doing he's using worth, just fight bought laughs. He has them. If using fly in Killura, what is he using? A pay version of it? I think so, because I think in certain clients there's like once I made but simpically for my implexis like a Gwen by yes, okay, yeah, se has that first has that. The Day Wolf Ram had a Mac I pass. God will for him. I haven't heard will form in a while. Waiting. That's like the number one. One Point Eight. Okay, you know no one. I don't pure useunds more. You can't because it's not updated anymore. It's abandoned. It was good for the time, but now it's not anymore, says the people who don't hack. Okay, we use some massive ad just to see how good anti cheats were. Okay, literally, like I only used like I think Wolf Ram like a couple times. We didn't. I remember. I remember being like a survival world in single player. I guess turned on Nukel just like, hold my God, gets a blitter rip, it can get down the bed rock already. Oh yeah, that's w you didn't. Didn't someone blow up S MERVES base once? Oh Yeah, or not? Basim and want his sport build. He was building and he got angry. HMM. Yeah, well, I think I think someone used then you knew he's a blittery is feeding new give a speed n you could remember how you click and it just blows like a path in front of you a while. Yeah, yeah, I think that was me actually, when I was testing my anti Chee and I never realized I was in this build radius. I am. I remember logging on. I'm just in a hole, and you see's the giant holes. If he patched over, he was refusing to fix it up. With that being said, there's so many hackers on these days, on mine plex minecraft itself. I don't think anarchy helps with that either. Can you have like pople? Youat was like FEMC, who are using hacks. What the UTHER get letter? But the other guy, he's always mentioned on but I'm these videos gives him a bunch of Intel. Um, what's his name?...

He's also a youtuber. Oh God, doesn't matter, but if you probably know who we're talking about. But with that being said, I think we should move on to a topic that was popular last week, but not by a lot of people. Fortn a mobile was brought up again by some youtubers. Yeah, it brings these discussion. If Mobile, I'll will be brought back. Will for night be able to be played on mobile or rope or will would not? Or will get a new season because it's playable but it is have an updated it on mobile, it will like. That's a good discussion. Will it be updated to you didn't newest season or like, because there's a lot to go in for it, because if they do bring it back, they do update it. Well, the players miss out on the previous seasons. While they they might be behind in my eyes, but the reason they were talking about it is they were. So they're still core battling epic and Apple, and I think the judges ruled that apple is a monopoly when it comes to their APP store, based on the video I saw, and I share Bob and the guy say that. Yeah, he said to the judges apple is a monopoly. They can do what they want with the apple store. They don't need don't about like definitely. What's a thirty percent rule that they have that? Yeah, there was proof in the past that some developer talk to the old CEO of apple about making it a monopoly, working with them to ruin like apple, like people's income and stuff, and court rulings pulled that apple was wrong. But we're still not sure if epic whatever come back. They're I'm roal Carris on that. Okay, I don't know what what else the court has been doing. Like I I'm not caugh up with it. You know, remind there's not that much information on it really, but it was just it just came back in the news for like a brief time. I don't how many people heard about it. But yeah, it's not that big of a topic because nothing confirmed in the figures. Nor would you rather play like here's my opinion to the mobile community, and I'm going to bring up a few games. Yeah, COD mobile. It's got a decent amount of letters, but there are sometimes that a day where you can't get a single player on there. So which I mean? I's going to say, would you rather play a game like that on an esports title on mobile or on PC? Our console play if I would answer if all you, I'll say pc because I think it's more useful. Is More using leaving. It's more superior. Well, for the mobile is more convenient because it's sup portable device. Hearing more what people have it pulled out. But you'll have phones, yes, but I know there's a lot of pros who lost their pro status because of losing the mobile side of things. Yeah, like I do feel bad for the mobile community because it's like Eve layers game, years community there and it's like they're all gone and I really don't know that they're gonna Return. I really don't. You don't care. Well, I got my skin and I'm good. That's all I cared before for. Like, I wonder if if they bring, if you have to, for any mobile, will the players on mobile get like his exclusive skin,...

...or will they where? Will they get a bunch of rewards for not being able to play? Like they just log on and if you all the rewards and the foul pass well from every season they missed. Yeah, it's like here's everything. But, like, what I wanted to say, though, was this that, like you know, apple is a monopoly. We know that that's true. You can't deny that, but epic two shouldn't have gone and made like a special discount way of getting feebucks on the iphone or mobile side of things. That competitive. I was a competitor. That's sparked at all. I'm pretty sure the V books are still discounted. We Muk still discounted from when they resually did it. I think they are. Well, they did a special discount for I haven't mobiles at the Prices For v Books. I haven't bought an because I've be getting on mine for the battle pass and being one of a crew. What is it called for tonight, crewmember? It just gives me them. What about it? This thing I'm a for, crew member, thing that I'm part of, proved past or whatever hell it's called, just gives You v Bux every time you do a special like new thing. So there's no point for me to buy them really, but I don't know. What are your what are your actual thoughtst of apple and epic? Should they be fighting? Where should they work out something? So basically, the last thing I asked was what are your thoughts on apples and epics? Like laws, you should they should they be funny each other, or should they have worked something out before they go one and done shit to each other. Um, like it's hard to day, because like to see a fortnight doesn't like apple. For a long time becauld. I remember on them, like yeah, news videos. They ways talk about how the CEEO's always made comments about how apples well. The CEO is this way, either doesn't care a whole cares. On the old guy, I think, hey, I can't ever since me and you had to look up who to Ceeo was when we were questioning something about a year ago, I just old man, what old? Old, but like really maybe look like some one who should be creating for tonight. Yes, stuff in fornight does not seem like it's more than one to create. It was forte like I said. It did it like he looked so well. Wearing his glasses made a look older, and he will is here. He looked like he was again fifty s the doorter than that. I'm sorry to say that. Okay, really a late late S, early S. Yeah, there his retirement age, but I'm just saying. I don't know why. I don't know why they got angry at each other. Apple should have really asked originally to just remove it. You know it goes against our terms. APIC should have read the terms and I still don't get white people at the rebring up his old topic on Youtube for us to have to speak about then for the Non Youtube side of people who played the game, I mean if it is this a little things, and one is this is everlasting conflict. That's can be happening until but there the clear winner, which I don't know. I can't see any other, any side winning really, and you get both sides lost in the situation because even if the fram will is brought back, like I said, the players are the probably I can come back. They moved on to something. Well, moving at another mobile. Well, you got pub g...

...mobile, you got caught mobile, FN mobile. Wile slightly, I say it's there and I say it's not. Okay. But if I recall, there was a popular guy on tick tock who played, what was it caught, or I'm in for an a mobile? He played for Miss What does it? Misfit gaming or whatever, that esports group? Yes, you know you're talking about. Yeah, and then the Guy Vanished aftware for you page after whole lawsuit started. HMM, like he always had a misfit Jersey on and all his videos. I remember he made one more, I thinkis is the guy cut like you made one. We're coupled to stay the mobile and how how it's like family. Even have failing the update, like if there's no one else playing in an hour and I was going to try to transition the PC and that might not work out for him. Killy t Hallalab, he's IM mols. It's ninety percent bots and yeah, yeah, you're talking about the saying guy, but he does vanished that. So I'm saying I feel bad for a lot of people because that guy seems interesting because he gave a different side that we didn't see. You don't play mobile, so I just can't really give an opinion in my much because it's like I got the thing just to get one skin, the iconic skin. Got It. I'm done. I really care about that, but it's just funny to see two companies bicker that are like monopolies of their own. Yeah, it's really because you think about it, apples not in the wrong epics, not in the wrong epic is and epic is slightly, but they're not at the same time. Apples more through the it's more like through the certain point of view, if you're something likes epic Games, and to their point of view they're correct. One other side it's like they're correct. So what other correct to correct? And they're not correct both sides. Yeah, but that being said, when you think about epic, why I said they're monopoly. They put fortnight in almost every game these days that they get their hands on. Yeah, they have span love money on crossover skins, mostly with marvel and DC. Not even that. It put. They put a battle bus in rocket league when they got their hands on it. Yeah, the even other games like Bulbous Roccoli. You have other game, border sport, and you're ordering. Yeah, I think they're stuff in there now because of their crossover that they did with those one season in chapter one m but so I don't know, but I hope. I hope they can resolve this and all of the mobile players can go back and playing mobile have fun again, because I used to like watching people connect keyboards and mice to their phones. Remember those videos getting like hooked up also like these like really, really expensive like gaming controllers. Yeah, just controllers, and they would then they would cry out for like mobile clans yeah, it means there's a whole side of content that just got wiped by this whole community argument between apple and that big and it's like another question. It's like, do you think llo return? That's all content. I hope it does, but and I also hope people stop bringing this topic up and we just wait till there's an actual resolve then bring it back up. It's just pointless arguing because it's just on information that's not new, just...

...the same old information. If you'll get regratitating. If you hear us, you probably note cideber on. You probably don't care. We sound like we don't care. I really don't. I probably doesn't. I mean personally, I would like. I'm not. I don't care. By kinda see at the Games when kids like it would be a face palm apple. Yeah, examples like this, monopoly like it's shy at and apolates around for years, whereas EPI games able and decades. WILL EPIC Games been around for Blake, theyveen around for a long years. Well, they've been around for years. They were just not popular. Interms of popularity. They be around for a couple years. Yeah, so, and but that being said, I think epic should win. Apple should get told that they should delete their thirty percent profit thing or lower it, because epic makes a lot of, and I mean a lot of money off their game that they could afford to lose some, but not thirty percent, right bomb. Yeah, EPIC Games is they like at the game is a multipe billion dark company. Late like you have to do this. Just hold her lawsuit. I know couldn't been avoided. It could have, but well, there you they they could have gotten in the apple. Apple could have come to them for because that becames, I guess it's propples money hungry apple with my hungry, but epic Games is pro consumer, or that's what they're trying to prove it themselves as. Yeah, and they're proven that here. HMM. And with that they could they have no money to you to lawsuit. That's going to say. They they both have the money to do it. Yep. Well, this was you have g cast. I'mily films and this is Kif A. K Bob says for tuning and we will see you in the next podcast. Bye Bye.

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