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#9 What a talent manager would have done for our careers? | UFG revamp | UFGCAST


This week on UFGCAST, Bobb and LateFilms talk what it what have been like if they had a talent management would have been like when starting out. Along side the future of UFG.





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Welcome back to you. Have G cast time only films and now I'm Keith Ak Bob. So let's get right into the topics. So, Bob, I know you've been doing youtube for a very long time now. Yes, very, very long time. Yes, I've given up on that dream. No, I haven't yet. I'm just I'm just behind the scenes now. But Anyway, I thought today, what would it be like if you had a talent manager back when you started? Okay, they that says are interesting because we're going off a hypothetical and I feel like for what I would imagine, Bob, you a lot more organized effectually, like when I first started out. That was not organized when I really did stuff like waking to what was popular at the time. Like, I feel like my talent you, you would help me. Yeah, like be organized to actually keep me up to date with stuff and do like, okay, record this on this day. Okay, just it's trending, record this and you wanted to do yeah, that's kind of guying on what to do. Yeah, I wish I have one. When I was when I recorded and streams. Oh yeah, definitely, because I think good. I had two different two groups right at the time when I started, I had a GTA group and then I had a whole minecraft group at the whatever did yeah, yeah, so I was. I was this organized because one of them was for streaming in the others for con one of them was streaming, one of them was like strictly youtube. So yeah, yeah, helped that. It helps. Yet it takes an now, oh, yeah, a town agency. Yeah, and the scenes with talent managers. Yes, it would have, oh, massively, because they could have done everything to help me from growth to what's it called? I thought nails. Probably my video editing back then, because we didn't do video editing we first starting. No, no, for me, person I didn't start ing until later know what video editing was or how to do it. I had it, I had to figure it out and then I taught Bob how go forward with it. Yes, I with something now. It's I wish you didn't know. We didn't know anything, but if you like, if you look back at our very first channel, you'll you'll, you'll see how crap the videos were compared to what was being shown at that time period. Yeah, like it. It felt like we were like like a decade behind, and we were definitely a decade behind. Didn't Youtube start in two thousand and five? Yes, back then it was like there was not really any goal for people. The people uploaded wrong videos, some people uploaded editive videos. I would five personally say the time period right when you started seeing editive videos right on Youtube. I'M gonna go back so far and you're going to probably like, Oh my God, when I say you want about to what was that girl's name who did the Fridays, the song we're back up black, yeah, her, yeah, you know, was the first out. They really highly edited. I was like the four yeah, that and then that one viral Ay and they like there's a whole change in like how content was made. Then I feel like for a while there was like a year of Youtuber was just music. Yeah, feel like that. Yes, it did, because that's all you so recommended. But I wonder...

...what talent agencies those people had behind them, because they would have been very useful. I'm curious if any of those talent agencies are still around today. Probably. Well, you know, a lot of them did disband. Right, give them cold on the problems. The biggest one whatever they called their name. Oh Yeah, yeah, that just banded. Yeah, I had all the gamers on their yeah, yeah, that back when anyone can make money. Yep, back in those days, and then by no one, not one end, when no one can make money, they just decided to this vanish and shut down. But now it wouldn't really nice because we've basically we've gone from doing youtube, well, doing youtube and running a company inside the entertainment industry. So you know me about both. which we had it, it would have been, like I said, Nice. I probably wishes he had it. He probably be as big as probably some of the people in the minecraft industry. Yeah, I think that would actually be the case, because I kind of well, just organized, actually recorded stuff that was popular at the time. Okay, you were. You had to learn animation when you started. Yeah, which I don't think you would have done. No, because you are you would have had and you also would have had to get your singing voice out. Yeah, I would need to at leash my beautiful voice to the world, which didn't that beautiful. I'M gonna make myself up anyway. No, now, because let me started. There were. There was. Okay, we started, if no one remembers, we started as a group, me and Bob Starting a group calling multi gaming community that we actually created under doing content, minecraft and so forth with that. Right, Yep. Well, we all decided to get into Youtube doing that. At the time. The only real competitor we had to our group was, I would say, in the in the space, was team crafted. Okay, I can't say that. Well, American group, I would say. Okay, yeah, the American cause we're American. Yeah, we focus on we focus on keeping ourselves inside the American like entertainment space. So we know our niche and like who were going for at the time too. There was in the UK, was he dogs? Cast Yep, give that. Are Americo. We really the only group those are. There was like only three groups at the time on Youtube, like three major, like really really major, and ours, for some reason was major at the time, and I don't know why. Yeah, you mean either like it was extremely popular, like it wasn't popped on, it wasn't popular on Youtube, but it was popular like outside that. Yeah, weird. It's weird. It's a heart it's a hard and otherly weird story to explain. It's like you should. Some people may find it get like Fabrica, but it's not like it was even more popular outside of Youtube. Than it was in but you know, like if we, if we told you you every member, his name, who was in that group, you would honestly be like, what the fuck? The amount of members we had, the amount of staff we had, was like ten times more than we expected to ever have. You we...

...like an entire army of people. You can friendly to us like we you jump on my plus, get recognized. At the time. We can jump on high picks someone get recognized. I even have the opportunity to say I got myself banned from, Oh my God, what's the server that had the their own version of the party mode, Um Hive, the hive. Yes, I got myself banned on therefore, for stupid reasons, but got myself banned on there and stayed banned til their server was deleted. Only on Java. Yeah, they're no longer a job of sever there strictly bed rock now, which sucks. Yeah, it's sad, and the side rock server sucks, but no. So what I'm saying is, like we did have talent or anything like. We didn't have talent ourselves. We have talent managers, we have anything. We were horrible people when it came to going content, not saying we're bad people, but I'm saying horrible as in like we were not ready for doing it. We just jumped into our videos. They we were like look, these they eatu ready to doing it. They have their own groups. I can't wait. How hard can it be? US? I jumping into it, but we got kind of just wait, ran to the deep end and we kind of just fumbled, and we still do today. Yeah, somewhat. When. No, I can't say that because we actually have, we actually haven't going for us right now. Yes, we have players. That's the most important thing. No, but yeah, actually have player. Yes, so, talent manager. Oh, there's going to be more to that coming, and that our podcasts. But yeah, I said another podcast. I'll be another day. Read it here. Basically. One my thing was is I wanted to see what me and Bob Thought about our past. If we had talent managers, how would have gone differently? Well, I also want to talk to him and figure out would we count talent agencies also as an entertainment brand, because I feel like they could be at too, not just because they're doing like talent right, you could build entertainment inside your company using your talent that you're helping grow. Everyone wants to do social media is these days. Right. Yeah, it's like the major saying. There are many people who do it. They get their rise because of one thing happens and then they fail. Like I can give you a good example on that one, on the rise and fall of youtubers. Man, many good examples actually, but you had the one, one trick, only the pope number, the pokemonto kid. Only have one popular video that he's just like vanished off of Youtube. Oh yeah, I think I remember saw a video of like what happened to man. No, yeah, he's back. He's back. I don't still doesn't music. He's a music he does actual music now, not using his brother. Yeah, good, don't think that he's like English native like that this from doing like a different country. Yeah, no, he's not. Now he actually started doing music that wasn't in English. Yeah, it's weird for it for his story to weird o Kitty went. Yeah, yeah, just example. Yeah, I'm just saying. It was an example, like, but now so I'm just saying, could we have who? Do you think talent agencies are also entertainment brands?...

Um, if so, why? There's the question. You can't I would say so. I would. Yeah, I I think they are because, like you can't. Think you can't. You're technically managing talent, but if you wanted to, you could make exclusive people in your brand, got it exclusive to your brand, not just people you manage, you know, hmm, grow them like. That's one thing we want to do. We want to bring on exclusive creators to our group. So looking for that to make to make our own like entertainment brand out of. But we also are going we also want to do talent management alongside or esports stuff like we have. We have a lot coming to let our community know from a podcast network. There's a lot we're doing. It's going to be great in the next thing, month or so, if not even sooner, like you just got a whole web website rebranding. But not get off topic. Yes, talent agencies can be entertainment brands in my opinion, but I don't think they I don't think they really would. I don't think they work as easily, like talent agencies right as entertainment brands, because they're more behind the scenes, like if you take somebody old youtube like like people who are or where I say management groups. That were around. Those are those were entertainment brands that did talent management and they actually did it right. You can't tell many some of them didn't. There are something I feel like. I feel like nowadays it'd be very difficult to like pull off successfully. To think of a major hurl, which is that everyone is like kind of get popular and famous, and I think it's her like you do have to come across like. I think. I think it's why nowaday a lot of East talenting. You think if you kind of focus entertainment or try to create an entertainment brand, kind of fall off? Yeah, well, don't. Yeah, well, don't get popular like what they should or what they expected they want to be. Yeah, but like remember, let me a bob started. It wasn't cool. It was not cool to talk. You did not want to know, you didn't want to tell someone that you were that person. Yeah, it was like, yeah, I Kenep your mouth shut. It was like it was shunned upon. You would get bullied for it. Is there are dirbig youtubers do actually have talked about being bullied in high school for Doing Youtube, but now they can laugh at their bolies. Basically, I'm making money, getting yeah, like I don't want to do it now, like yeah, well, I did it. What it wasn't cool, and now you're just following a friend. And yet it kind of thing. Yeah, they out there before it was cool. I there's but there are many like over the past year, year and a half, the two years, and I've told her story about what happened. And I'm in high school and I feel like summer, I feel like some of the people who said that are way older than and I imagine, you know, like like being like they're late twenties. Yeah, like they're not. They're not, but they're not, you know, they're like our age, some of them, MMM, which makes it even funnier. We started in middle school. We started doing it like a last year of middle school, so it was high school, like well, Ay, like Youtube. Yeah, like we started everything, like the group...

I'm saying. Yeah, Oh, yeah, we have started the last year in middle school and then like the first year of like that whole summer, we've got into Youtube and then we actually run into a and then for some reason, our whole high school and maybe did it, but we never told anyone down how, like even to this day, I've no idea how people knew our you, te Chunckl, we didn't tell anyone. Miss I guess someone, I don't know. Hey, it was a working it was weird. People knew my name. People knew your name because of the multi gaming community. You got cold dead. Yeah, like hey, multi king, they like hello, they're by. Yeah, but I don't know and I'm the funny thing was our group was like a global group too. Yeah, if you're from like UK, it was crazy. Canada, New York, YOU JERSEY. We live right and we have yeah, and Thatti get people from the south. They used to classify himself as the south. I'm like the hope. The whole thing was us off the wall, just like what the Hell did we create? He died. I'm leaving that, like you see behind. I'm proud now. Yeah, we did it. I'll think you have like people from other countries, because they crinkskin like this. The Times, so differences. Some of US would stay up white. Yeah, I remember sleep the pride ourselves. Back when we war, we had this group even like stay up. I know always was Dad Bush, English things are UK people that were in there. They had like they was a five hour difference. So, like I remember what like when them as I go, it's like one am here, like she's like, what's his name? Smith or Italy, here here hearing, yeah, yeah, Him, God, Oh my God. It was bad, but it was great at the Saint Hey. If we were smart about it, we could have them. We could have a brand froom, we could have had a brand ount it that that's popular today. But I think we have a better title. I don't feel I feel like multi gaming community does not fit. Yeah, I like that name was very long and it doesn't really our name is long now. We just abbreviate. At the you of Gdse days in your GD beer directing knives, everyone calls you have gee over unfogne studios. But no, it would have been nice that. But anyways, it would have been nice to have a talent agency for that group. Back then, we movie. We would have done a hell of a lot better. We probably would have rebranded the name in the something better. He most likely are. We definitely would have. But not even that right. It was just we did it for fun. We didn't really expect to still be doing this shit today, or I didn't expect to. I don't know. Bob Did. I've tried as well. I'm fie if we were still doing it. I mean we said, we said at least said if it doesn't we don't get views, we would cancel ourselves. At one point we did say that years ago, like we would just end it like and move on. But yeah, now now I feel like we actually have a vision on what we want to do. So we're sticking with it and pushing through all the paths. Like, I'll say it now. We are becoming bigger than we should. We are...

...making a we are making a talent agency out of our group. We're we're gonna focus on many genres and build ourselves. You want to tell them what we did a few weeks ago about our group when we were becoming New Jersey's right entertainment brand is we're calling it yeah and jurity's entertainment brand. So why? Because it doesn't give you. It's funny. It's funny to explain. So late films and late films did research, and I gotta Watch him do it, research where we kind of looked up like you sports and the game places, you gaming centers in like New Jersey, and I came across like different places in like New York, Pennsylvania, I believe, some a New Jersey. It some New Jersey, but it was no recognizable name in New Jersey. Or will there was? Well, no, they're dirty sports centers to go to, but there's no group like after group. Yeah, don't entertaining group. There lunch in New York, but not for YOU JERSEY. If you know, if you group in New York is called and box, right h but they rebranded recently. They own, probably own an O Overwatch League team and the and they think a call of duty team. But in New Jersey there's not a single goddamn enter team in brand. And we're going to make that thing a reality. Yeah, we did a couple weeks ago. So and but that's started. started a revamp process on ourselves and that revamp process is gone pretty far. Like if you saw our website, there's something coming. That website is dawn. It is heavy. Right, yeah, it's very clean. It's very it's like you're either to look at we I think, the major plush, if you have to be to look at at good. In My itinion, clean, amazing. But not even that. We have a podcast network coming, hopefully soon. That page is not free to get on the website, but it will be soon, with the too top podcast being mine and Bob's podcasting, the Bob's own personal podcast that he does right. Yep, and we're there's a lot coming with this. Is gonna be this is going to be those are are you going to be a special episode for it? That's going to be short, just explaining what we done, just to keep information out there. We are, we are pushing forward with this. We're gonna be a brand. Will you you'll hear us from east coast to the West Coast eventually, I hope you know. Yeah, that'd be the dream. I don't know how. I, like found out how other people found us that we have for our teams. I know how. I know how. I know how I found the apex leader because I I asked that guy to join. But Thet but the Rocky League teams, I don't know where to hold they found us. It's a whole work a billiard take a good thing if we don't know, because then it's like like multiple like directions. They could have came from us by everything now, but they're playing for us. They're doing what they want to. Yep, we're working hard, build and this is a going to be a brand that you're going to hear for a long time. I'm not giving up on it. I am not. Like we are actually doing things more professionally than we did like a month ago. I show Bob how it. Contracts are made. Yep, we did all that stuff. We create contracts. They're...

...still were not work in progress some of them. There's going to be some information that people are going to like when it comes to talent management, and we're going to do differently from others. Most like agencies only focus on people who already have a following. That's the that's the difference right there. Where we want bill we don't. You want people who don't have a mass of following that are starting out. Yeah, it's really owing this. We're growing us into we're showing that you can grow. We're showing that you can grow people from the ground up, unlike most of the agencies I call Hollywood. I'm calling them hollywoods. They act like it. True, it's true, it is. That being it, yeah, I agree. Yeah, a lot of these grouls, a lot of the major lady vtube groups, act like Hollywood. Are parab of the Hollywood system. At this point. Most of them say are somewhere. Like if you look at faith, they started in New York, they worked away to the top and then they ended up in being La. Why? YEA, why? Yeah, pretty sure faith had contacts in Hollywood. That's really a guarantee. I'm about lot money. Think they do gaming order in the entire world. They don't have contact in Hollywood. That stupid. They are Hollywood. How you wouldn't gaming? You can't tell me that. Now they are. It's just what did it come and there and they I don't like that. Like, I know people want to join them. Personally, if you want to join them, don't talk to me. That's how I like. That's how I think of them. Go for it. I don't know. Like Com asruption or whatever there that faces. They're going bankrupt. They're going bankrupt, which is good for them. Go back to your reach maybe, or maybe we'll fortunately go like to the roots and shape bankrupt. Now. They won't go back to them now, but anyway. Now. But but we're going to prove ourselves, we're going to make ourselves recognizable in this space if it takes every Goddamn Kenny and that we have and push like motivation to that. We every everything. I am not I'm not giving up. We're going to be what we want to be. I'm doing this to prove what someone told me a few years ago. Yeah, someone told me we wouldn't make it as a group. I'm proving that wrong. Well, I could, we say, prove that wrong. We have people playing for us, people interesting in our group. HMM, so it makes don't make sense that I beat that already. You have a professional looking website now the best website design I think we've had ever. From day one, the industry kick heard every website that we've created over the years. I've done nicer and nicer, and now it's the final one. Yea, looks is very nice. Well, website. So we have a very nice this is the Nice it's just the nicest one. Yes, that's I'm trying to shake. Yes, but that being said, we will keep you informed and probably a special episode one day, very soon, so keep an eye out for that on actually what we're doing, I would. That being said, thanks for watching, you of G cast, and we will...

...catch you next time.

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