Season 1, Episode 5 · 1 year ago

Faze members caught in 4k! Physical Hacking?


In this week's episode, we talk about the A new device called the cronus zen a physical hacking device for esports, LateFilms and KeithakaBobb break down the SAVE THE KIDS CRYPTO SCAM FROM FAZE MEMBERS.


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Welcome back to UFG CAST. I'm like films and I'm Keyth AK BOB. We are your host so let's get right into the topics. So, over the last week it has been a juicy esports and cryple currency news week. Yes, very juicy. It's it's like valley juicy content. Yeah, packing has gone physical and phase members called in for K Yep, for k Oak Shurez Ft. the whole the whole thing, clear is day. Yeah. So there's this device that came out over the last week, maybe long a little before that, but he got into the news and it's called the Chronos Zen. It's this device you pull a controller or a keyboard, a mouse into and then you plug it into your Xbox, EC play station and I think it allows physical hacking. Oh wait, it does. Yeah, confirmed because, yeah, we're looking at the website right now for it. It says mods and scripts on the slight. So it's confirmed. Directly bought a company. Let's there's a meeting it up front. Yeah, but it's so basically what it is. It's this device that'll gives you a bought rapid fire in games such as Fort night call of duty. They had a version focused on call of duty. They had a version focused on for to night, which is one we're talking about, the Chronos Zen, and I think there was a topic brought up in another podcast about a probing band that was using one of these, and people found out about it from a setup video or something along those lines. Interest all them out. That's speculation. No one sure, because I get out of the vice, I might look resemble it on my my desk, you know. Yeah, mean lay films uses. This just a device that looks similar tonnay, but and it also resembles a thing that used to be around in the game boy era. All, if you know this, if you're even if you know what that is, you might not, because you're not from like the early, early two thousands or late s with lay film tonight. Are Old, all right, we know this. We're not. We're not old, well, old old, but we're old enough to record ourselves old in the past, putting the game space world, but overall or not old. This thing being said, it's just the vice you plug your game bully card fridge into and you plug that into your game boy and what it does? It allows you to load cheek codes, which are hacking back in like today, but you only did it to yourself really, because you didn't you didn't play Games together unless you're doing like split screen, which I know you couldn't do on game boy, and that's using a special cable and stuff. So you couldn't really cheat much. There was, and it was Gar it was garbage. It didn't really work half the time. Trust me, I had one just to see what the hell it was. And this is like the modern day version of that. Aim bought rapid fire are like today's cheek codes, but for esports, because I know che codes are still around in utter games, like grand fraft outle allows cheek codes. We all know that, like like chk Five, all GTA's. Okay, trust me on that, because I played every gaf that,...

...like the chaos MoD stuff, like those chee codes. was like, no, that's no, that's not even chee codes. Those are those are mods you actually load with scripts. Okay, physical cheek codes are like okay, yeah, okay, KS moth does load actual cheek coats sometimes, like fog changing the weather. Yeah, you know it. Okay, that's kind of stuff. I forgot about that. I had to think about that for a SEC. Yes, but this is different. This is considered not cheating. This is considered hacking because in esports cheating and hacking are similar, but they actually have different meanings and what they do. Okay, hacking is like hacking, is a competitive term for cheating. Cheating still to be contest. I could see. I can kind of say cheating is that? Yeah, and this device, if I wish, we could show a picture somehow of this or you're curious, look it up, but don't use it. We're not saying and to use it here. Do not use it. Is Not like good to use. But if you're like a competitor. But here's the question we had. Should Competitive Games allow the use of it, or should they not, since it gives it an advantage to the player and a disadvantage to us? My opinion, I don't think so. Could I guessay, this could be like hacking, like this is a physical hack. It is a flashing Wi. It's the same thing as like hacking in general. Last guy fact here in the same pool the year, like a year, year and a half ago. You all know the control or gods are. I think he was a control player, right, Jarvis? Yes, he used a boff for a video to show what it was and he will. Was a pro player and got banned for cheating. This is basically a physical version of what he did. I'm sorry we're repeating ourselves here, but we're making a point. This is actually physical, which is something I haven't seen before. Like suddenly I haven't really notice. Is New. It is new. Okay, is it? People said cold duty had it for a while, but I never heard of it. This is not a new thing to me and I'm you know, and I played a call of duty space. I wonder if it's because it's fortnight aving. That happens in for naked from his main mainstream, and I mean I mean in a meme. Yeah, are either a mainstream or Mima. This case is mainstream and common Mima, I don't know, is a dream. But are pros using it to in like fancs arena, Friday, like the Friday, like fortnight stuff they do on like because like the trio's? That's good question. If a being that we said earlier, pro was accused of using one, were they actually using one or was it something else and someone is stating really thought they were using I don't know, I can't. I don't. There's not much information on this that we really have give out. I think more information is a kind of in the following weeks. It does, it really does. There's and it looks like there's a miniat version of it that looks like at yours be stick all the Chronos. But yeah, US. Hmm, I think that was the one they were talking about for like call of duty. The other on looks like a Conky, like some something you would use like on a car to like or something. I don't even know. It looks weird. Yeah, I know the video. I saw that. It's like this really big box and looking something like dult starting, like kind of thing they use on a car. Yeah, you had. Why are they plug into your controller? Is it, yeah, playing Jumpstar car with that, like I don't know, but it looks like we'll keep you updated on everything on it. Maybe...

...you guys can give us lead on it through social media. To search unfogone studios on twitter and at us in your tweet and we'll see it because we see every tweet that goes on twitter because twoter will give you every notification. So, but that being said, like we said, phase was caught in for k well, face members were on Kay on June. First them. Well, okay, go ahead. On June first phase made a statement. We have made the decision to remove K from face clan and as suspended Jarvis, me con and tea going to a further notice. Face clan had absolutely no involvement with our members activity in the cryptal current space and we strongly condemn their recent behaviors. The trust and respect of our fans has been and will always be, our members or other our fans number one priority. So, that being said, these K was kicked after years of face clean in his name, and Jarvis, the con and Tigo are suspended until further notice. If you don't know what they did, they they all promoted a cryptal scam called save the kids. When do you care to elaborate? So this is this is stummy. They pray. Well, so with K dam. I'm not gonna Call Phase K because he's kicked out of phase. What he does is that he went and promoted on twitter, in the social media platform, save the kids. He was moaning it. Good thing I have people paid money into this. It's one of a stock sing. I'm not like big and finances. So I'm going to try explain its best I can. You know. So. So before the you know, the save the kids went live for the stock market, Kenny sold it and got my money off of it. Then it came out that they did this and a lot of the fans who put money into this want their money back, but most likely they won't. Be never stable. Not Get it. You'll never be seeing it again, basically, but not along with him. Jarvis sold about two thirds of his currency of saves the kids. Don't know how much. Think me consoled. Like a third, they said. Or was it t go? I don't remember which one, but it wasn't just phase members. Okay, I think they well right. I think they said Rice gun was in on it and a few others. Don't quote us on any names. We say because I remember there was a kick because Kay would say that he would be making a video, that he hasn't made a video yet as of the recordiness, yes, yes, to know when he's uploaded. A person on Youtube went and dug deep into this over two videos and that made am more Labor one. The same day, phase kicked and suspended some members. This has gone far and I don't I'm going to say I don't trust the crypto currency space, since it's tech. When you if you look up some of the stuff, you have a wall like that, you don't get like a name put on so you it's just numbers. You CAn'tberally trace back whose wall it is. HMM. But there was like this wasn't the first time K did this. He did it in the past of other currens he's ever scams like...

...yeah, there is a developer behind this whole thing. That was pulled out. That didn't get that. Tried hiding start information. He said he was paid like ten thousand dollar or ten million or something on paypal. But Wow, but when you but when you look up the email address that he said he was sent the money through on paypal, it doesn't exist on paypal. So who knows that he was the owner behind the whole thing? Mastermind. He didn't even know who the owner is. He says there's no one. I wouldn't trust any influencer giving you advice on money, on what to invest in. From this point on, I would say when it comes to the cryptal space, because it's a risky business. It's like investing in stocks. You know, yeah, but get the money in and is a scam. You wait, will you wait? The money goes up, then you sell it and you wait till it goes you might. Yeah, you got to find it, the happy like medium to where to sell when. Then you got to know a lot about cryptal currency, how to mine it. For so much to it. I wouldn't trust people. Well, okay, there might be only one creator I would really trust. Give me a vice on it. WHO WOULD THAT BE? And he gives more money than money exists on earth. Are you talking on, Mr Beast? Yes, you remember remembers members being about going to space. Yeah, he would like, don't doage corner or whatever. was going to space. But yeah, the Doge coinsing? Yeah, yeah, I don't know. But you're so for so much with cryptal currency. There's so many different cryptal currencies that you could buy into. You gotta know which ones are legit. We know bitcoins leg because I was the first cryptal currency. We know don't doage coins, fine, and people have brought that up and people have so much stock in that. But these little ones that get promoted, you should really do your research before buying into, which I didn't see. Most people aren't. There's gonna Trust say old work. How the trade? Well, how old were the fans buy? I don't I don't know. I don't know. I wish I knew. Like most of face coins content creators like main age, because I know they got to be all similar. That would assume that they were be like around our age, even they are, because we don't know much about the crypto currency. You say you need were like research on it because it is a smaller type of currency. Yes, I mean, even if I'm gonna see them Jerity feel who did this? Didn't know there it's following content creators. Yeah, you remember and remember faceclan is like the top tier creators of like Youtube, and I think rice gumb is like a top tier creator of Youtube as well. And if you think about it, has been around for years, so has rice gum. And if those are the ones accused of this scam, there's a lot to it. That is going to be brought up over the next couple of weeks because people are also saying there should be legal action against everyone involved. Yeah, so you're saying that cake could potentially go to jail? Yes, yes, he can. Death definitely tough, but just remember he's an America is not American gay like in the UK. I brittet. You British? Okay, yeah, those, Jarvis Kiko...

...is Swedish. He goes from Sweden. I don't know what. I don't know about NICON. I don't know about Rice Gum, but I know the others are from out of the country. Why? No, Race Gum, I think race gumb lives in La. Yeah, but you know all live in La. Yeah, we're order backgrounds from? We don't three people involved in this scam are definitely living on a biza in America. They going to jail? How does that impact them? And if they think they're going to go to jail, will they try to flee the country? There's my good question. I don't think they're gonna see them three lessons that happened to think get it, because they're basically get good layer. That's not right. there. We have good lawyers their face. Yeah, you're gonna get good lawyer. They're gonna try another run away from the KUNK trade. Yeah, but you know, they all basically lost their career. You know it's true? Yes, yeah, they did. I think. Well, we know who's he definitely did. You can definitely did. I don't know about Jarvis and the other try suspended. Well, because Jarvis is Kay's brother. Well, he end up leaving and follow Kay to his next adventures because, remember, that was the only reason Jarvis got in, was because of K. maybe you can go either way. Yeah, this is this is has me the scummiest scan that we've seen on youtube in a long time. Yeah, it is crazy, like, like he said, K did this before and it's like how they know one see it, but now you finally caught. And what? How much money? And the people who called the people called him out did hours of research. I'm mean like countless days of research on cryptal Walllet's other scams, backlogging tweets that have been deleted. Yeah, I see a story being much bigger in the coming weeks. Yeah, I'm just just seems like that. I'm just amazed that the top tier creators would ruin themselves with a scam. But did the but did the money get to their head? At their they don't even need the money. They have the money. I think you can want more money. Yeah, it's this is this is big and and this is a new load for content creators to follow. Yeah, I hope that other content creers don't do this. Well, it's I'll Jim I hope other big content creators speak out about this and tell people not to listen to our fan that are creators, the fans, those in their creators, unless you could trust them, like we know in the past. We know like Mr Beasts trusted whatever he gives out. I don't even know how much. I would not want to do as taxes. Yeah, I would not want to be like this tax collector, just like Oh miss, oh Jimmy, you have like what three million, given a one once. What the of? Yeah, but if anything, you'd be the person to look up to for financial if ice on youtube. Nine base members. The money guy must remember faith has been in other scandals in the past over two years, like he's banks, destroyed a complete hotel and how to pay almost like three grand on a whole room. Yeah, for that, what you...

...got, good lawyer. So we got out of it, bucky him. But and there members, I think fake half their videos anyways. You don't seem like legit, but they're stuff. You can really tell that by looking at it. You probably seen that. The only ones I can trust are the ones you actually stream and do gaming content, only not the vulgar side. Okay, like the gaming. The gaming side don't fake. Yet the volging side face for sure. Okay, well, I'm beating one person out of that. He's rug. Yeah, him, I've everyone else is fine in the vlogging side of face. Yeah, I wouldn't. I just want to. I just want to take anything that a face content creator says proofully that's its face. Is Rug or gaming creator in their group. Because remember day I've been an under scandals, like we said. HMM, they have, oh, wait for them. Now have ripped money, thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency, from fans. Who knows the fans will oversee their money back? Who knows that the fans got the money from a parent? Because how old are the fans? Yeah, I missen. Some of them are blow eighteen. Yeah, have stuw money order, just starting to work and they blew away her like first fee paychecks on this. Who knows if there will be of an investigation followingness, but I'm going to say is I would not look up the face plan anymore now that you know. Some of them. Remember scam. Yeah, I just remember. Face should have stuck to with roots. Stick to just gaming, not vlogging. Pick the being real. But I guess the money got to our heads over the years. Yeah, I I think any person with it to be influenced by money. At this point, you young people are so just factual with getting more money. You know, they have like five Lamborghini's and like this big ass mansion and, yeah, backyard, it's just full of money. Yeah, but these these people probably went from being nice people to scumbags. No one I saying all of them. We're saying some of them. I just don't know who to trust from phase anymore these days. Yeah, they say, I told you he's to be builing. Hold you probably okay, you'll probably okay. The ones I would probably trust rug at that. What is it? Phaze a pack is his name. Is the other one to use? The other one? Adapt? Is that one? I think, yeah, because he doesn't he's I don't think he lives in their house. And there's a few others that I can't cast the top of my head. I probably trust, but there are some you watch your videos and you're just like, how is this content? WHO's allowing Ess in phase? And these are the ones right here who, I say, there content is so fake. Okay, Jarvis, knee con and TICO are so fake on my opinion. Yeah, I'm you're watching Jarvis like couple of videos and his videos seem fake, so put out like fake that it can be real, but the same time it can't. Yeah, like I remember he played for and again, but it wasn't him...

...that really played for name with someone else. Yeah, if I think epic games like I pe band the entire house, so no one else can play for tonight. Yeah, which, yeah, they think that. I think that's fake because that things like stupid do. Epic has never been the person to ban that way. They've only banned hardware. Yeah, meaning they've only screwed one computer over either shows like Oh look, the whole house has been a think that was called out. That was fake. It out. EPIC teams doesn't do that. Yeah, that was called fake. Yeah, and I would screw over the rest of the people in the group. Well, the Manub someone you think for in the vials and gets pain and it's like terrifying. I'm going to say is, if it's a top tier creator, I would not trust them. And cryptal currency, I we're not trust them. And advice of anything that they say. I would listen to like midtier creators at this point, just to save yourselves with a vice, like I would say like up to a million. I would probably trust with advice. Right. They gotta be they gotta be small enough. So word or not money, say, money hungry out they're not the Hollywood side of Youtube, because that's what phase rice, Gum, summer ray, all those people, cloud gang are all like Hollywood side of Youtube. Yeah, there, they're like in like what's the channel called? Drama alert? Getting Drama Ler. They're in the Hollywood fix. Yeah, they've been on TV out there multiple times. Girls having beef with the sidemen, a lot of them. MMM, they're all just so fake. I'm not saying don't listen to people above, because there's a lot of good content creators out there who are genuine and actually truthful with their creators on things. Over saying like you, you could tell when they're so fake cheap with their content that it's bad. But, with that being said, this was your becast on Lee films and this is Keisak. Bob Says for tuning. We'll see you in the next podcast. Bye Bye.

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